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What is ‘good’leadership?

What is ‘good’ leadership? In a constitutional democracy, is it necessary that public office bearers and their chosen advisers be illustrious, rich in experience, and be experts on anything? If so, why elect such geniuses instead of trusting centers of learning to discriminate? Is there something missing? United Refineries’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr Busisa Moyo said, leadership is about influence. “At its core is moving people to a point where they “want to”, directing them to a place where they believe “they should” until they reach a point where they are brazenly convinced “they must” It’s about moving people from HERE to THERE!” he wrote on his twitter account. Through his Twitter account, Mr Moyo who is also a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) seem be getting it all wrong. His argument was silent on his role as an advisor to the president in particular and as a citizen of Zimbabwe in general.  I find his narrative of leadership so nauseating and hard to believe that he expects HE Emmerson Mnangagwa to shepherd the people of Zimbabwe without their participation. Interestingly, Ms Mariam Mutizwa could let me him get away with that, she responded in: His excellency @edmnangagwasurely knows what needs to be done. Whoever advised him to have more advisors does not like him at all. In response Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873 FM radio and the 1873 Network tweeted: “We need to promote active citizenship and not a new apartheid based on proximity to the President. A danger exists2confuse proximity with wisdom on life’s promise and threats. How can an advisor who pretends when he sees a Pres that everything is ok when the reality is different?” But the question is: Should an imperial President the outcome of a democratic constitutional order? The role Yet the naivety that pervades the few who think that bad precedents have no memory is the greatest betrayal of democracy. Imagine living life and refuse to stand up for something when evidence is generously shared on public platforms.
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