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About Celebrating Life

Celebrating life is an initiative of The 1873 Network that seeks to use birthdays as a bridge to the idea that connected people through celebrating life can inspire others, share experiences, ideas, insights, knowledge and build communities of people who share a common interest in building a prosperous future to be able to recognise and utilise opportunities and effect change in their lives, businesses and communities.

As The 1873 Network, we believe that life is a lottery that only responds to people who are connected. How do you get ahead of others? We have learned that being part of any class of positive thinkers opens new windows of possibilities. Contacts can be put into a common bank and the community can eat from the created bank. The past has no memory. Be part of a bank that you help create by investing in it. We believe that a connected, equipped and inspired community can mutually benefit each other. I am sure you will agree that diversity is key in enhancing efficiency and efficacy.

On a radio platform The 1873 FM, birthdays of the day are normally announced.

If you would want to be part of this initiative or would like to celebrate your birthday or birthdays of your friends and family, contact Raphael Moyo on 0835632317 or email on

Celebrating Life on The 1873 FM:

“Celebrating Life The 1873 Network Way”