1. Who can join?

Any forward leaning individual and organization who believes in being the driver of change in delivering the promise of an inclusive, progressive and prosperous Africa.

  1. Why should I join The 1873 Network?

Membership of the 1873 Network will provide you with the opportunity to learn and benefit from the shared experiences of the diverse network as well as access to its wide ranging portfolio of services. The network is a platform to connect members engaged in similar work through one-on-one introductions, large events, and focused networking opportunities. This means access to new ideas, project proposals, knowledge about collaborative and funding opportunities, policy-making forums and existing 1873 Network partnerships.

  1. What are the main 1873 Network services?
  • Networking– The 1873 Network offers a structured access to various communication channels that foster an active engagement and interaction by members on different themes and issues in the field of management development, and also enables bridge-building between corporations and business actors.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying– The 1873 Network members can act as leading advocates and lobbyists for other members for matters they are passionate about or to address social ills.
  • Knowledge Dissemination– The 1873 Network generates and disseminates knowledge throughout its network for the benefit of its members and stimulates a culture of sharing that allows for a better understanding and insight into the latest developments in management development
  1. How is The 1873 Network funded?

The 1873 Network is a not-for-profit organisation that is funded in part by membership fees. Additional funds come from donations, fee-based services, and from the sale of publications and merchandise and advertising.

  1. Who are the members.

The 1873 Network is a member based community of companies, NGOs, individuals, and governmental organizations. Although the 1873 Network members come from different backgrounds and share different points of view, they are united by their shared commitment to building a strong, inclusive, prosperous, progressive and sustainable global community.