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Allow me, on behalf of the people of South Africa, to extend a warm welcome to you and your delegation. We are very happy to receive you, and wish you to know that you are among brothers and sisters. I am advised, Your Excellency, that you regard South Africa as your second home, as you spent your student days at one of our local universities. We recall with pride and gratitude the historic relations between South Africa and Ethiopia. We recognise the importance of the military training provided to Nelson…

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Literacy Shows on Continental Sunrise Lessons from Conrad Nicholson Hilton – 23 May 2017

Learning from Conrad Hilton who was born in San Antonio, New Mexico. His father, Augustus Halvorsen Hilton (1854–1919), was an immigrant from Norway, and his Catholic mother, Mary Genevieve (née Laufersweiler) (1863–1956), was an American of German descent from Iowa. Hilton had seven siblings: Felice A. Hilton, Eva C. Hilton, Carl H. Hilton, Julian Hilton (died in infancy), Rosemary J. Hilton, August H. Hilton and Helen A. Hilton. The Hilton name comes from the farm Hilton in Kløfta, Norway, where Conrad’s father was born.

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Part 9 – Financial Literacy

We believe as members of that eco freedom is best won by free human actors through a market system and any socialist idea founded on statistic innovation undermines the interests of the poor. However, most post-colonial dispensations are infested by the idea that one can elect state craftsmanship excellence and a commander-in-chief can cause or engineer economic outcomes through the agency of the state. Zimbabwe on its economic knees is not immune from the socialist disease. It is reported that the President instructed his VP to use the state’s…

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What does independence mean?

Being the first of anything is not easy. No one could possibly prepare you for the job. Imagine the first night surrounded by strangers and you are converted into a glorified prisoner with limited freedoms. Imagine, your former friends trying to cross institutional roadblocks just to say hello. Imagine the expectations of the people that had been waiting so much for the promise of independence. Then juxtapose the enthusiasm and expectations of independence with the scope of the job of a Prime Minister. The picture in your mind the flight…

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What nobody told you about the fruits of independence.

There are many things we don’t know much about yet we are always trigger-happy to talk about. The state,statecraft,and the actors occupy so much content in the daily discourses of the citizens of any country but we have yet to invest in a proper understanding of what these terms mean for us to better do performance appraisals of the actors. History records that President Kaunda was forced2pass on the torch2Chiluba and1would have expected civility2inform actions yet the post-Kaunda experiences exposed the real faultlines of the promise of independence. Can we…

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Identity Literacy

The word “foreigner” is now so entrenched in the psyche of many compelling on all interested in building inclusive communities to pause and reflect on its true meaning and import in relation to the affairs of humans. Its existence assumes an inherent ability to discriminate objectively among and between humans. Imagine there are to persons at the arrivals at OR Tambo International Airport coming from Pune, India, and you were given the herculean task to identify which of the two is a South African, how would you go about it…

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