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Literacy Shows on Continental Sunrise Lessons from Conrad Nicholson Hilton – 23 May 2017

Learning from Conrad Hilton who was born in San Antonio, New Mexico. His father, Augustus Halvorsen Hilton (1854–1919), was an immigrant from Norway, and his Catholic mother, Mary Genevieve (née Laufersweiler) (1863–1956), was an American of German descent from Iowa. Hilton had seven siblings: Felice A. Hilton, Eva C. Hilton, Carl H. Hilton, Julian Hilton (died in infancy), Rosemary J. Hilton, August H. Hilton and Helen A. Hilton. The Hilton name comes from the farm Hilton in Kløfta, Norway, where Conrad’s father was born.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ahmed Kathrada has died

Johannesburg – Eighty-seven year old Ahmed Kathrada, affectionately known as ‘Kathy’ by those close to him, has died. Kathrada underwent surgery relating to a blood clot on the brain earlier this month but experienced several postoperative complications and contracted pneumonia, which affected both his lungs. Kathrada will be remembered, for the most part, as one of the eight iconic men including Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Andrew Mlangeni, Ray Mhlaba, Dennis Goldberg and Elias Motsoaledi who were arrested at Liliesleaf Farm and found guilty on charges including conspiracy and…

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What nobody told you about the fruits of independence.

There are many things we don’t know much about yet we are always trigger-happy to talk about. The state,statecraft,and the actors occupy so much content in the daily discourses of the citizens of any country but we have yet to invest in a proper understanding of what these terms mean for us to better do performance appraisals of the actors. History records that President Kaunda was forced2pass on the torch2Chiluba and1would have expected civility2inform actions yet the post-Kaunda experiences exposed the real faultlines of the promise of independence. Can we…

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Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2017

You are invited to attend Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2017 to be held at Emperors Palace Convention Centre on 30th March 2017.  Please lets get registrations for this event. Just give us names,  surnames and email addresses. You can your registrations to

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Corporate Literacy – Identity

Should a company’s identity be determined by the holder of the majority issued share capital? It is often the case that there are firms that are generally without applying much thought referred to “foreign” firms as opposed to “local” firms. With respect to banking, it is the case in SA that calls are being made to create “state” banks. What kind of bank would this bank be? How would the proposed or imagined banks be different from any other banks? It is assumed that the mere holding of shares by…

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Identity Literacy

The word “foreigner” is now so entrenched in the psyche of many compelling on all interested in building inclusive communities to pause and reflect on its true meaning and import in relation to the affairs of humans. Its existence assumes an inherent ability to discriminate objectively among and between humans. Imagine there are to persons at the arrivals at OR Tambo International Airport coming from Pune, India, and you were given the herculean task to identify which of the two is a South African, how would you go about it…

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The Africa Heritage lounge is an all-inclusive nightlife experience in the heart of downtown Rivonia. Situated at 325 Rivonia Boulevard.   Live entertainment fills the specially-designed bandshell every week on Fridays, while a tempting kitchen menu and specialty cocktails are served in the open-air space.   A open roof top, communal tables, and comfortable sofa seating bring a warm and welcoming, yet sophisticated setting.

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What Critics Get Wrong About Financial Education

Doubters of financial education make four great points but reach the wrong conclusion every time.     Is it really possible that dozens of nations, thousands of nonprofits and tens of thousands of educators are wrong to want to teach kids about money in school? That’s what critics would have us believe. Certainly there is room for skepticism, and consensus thinking isn’t always right after all. Yet crowd thinking usually has a solid foundation. What started as a given less than two decades ago (if you teach it they will…

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