The 1873 Network Project 1000

Honoring drivers of change.

Most underprivileged Africans are scared to dream because hardships and poverty break the spirit. They do not know where to turn or where they can get the knowledge that they require. They do not know where to look to see that there is hope, that birth does not condemn us but is just a beginning.The 1873 Project 1000

There are individuals that we look up to, be it business men, musicians, activists etc. but do we really know them? Have we taken time to understand them?

Many people want to be rich but do not understand what it means to be rich. This project answers these questions, by collecting information to share.


  1. To give a voice in creating the kind of bank that uplifts and inspires
  2. To create a bank of hope, a bank of knowledge
  3. Identify and honor individuals that show the kind of Africa we all want to see
  4. Connect – the Project creates a platform where individuals who would otherwise have no reasons or means to meet can meet.
  5. Equip – through sharing, members of the project and the rest of the continent will be equipped with knowledge
  6. Inspire – Knowledge that is shared is the true promise. By sharing the experiences, life lessons and values of a thousand individuals we hope to inspire individuals across the continent that their hopes and dreams can be achieved.

What is Project 1000?

A platform for likeminded people to share ideas, experiences and insights on unlimited issues that matter. Life that is not shared is has no meaning.

The future of Africa is not known but there are individuals that give us a glimpse of the true promise of Africa, the Africa we all want to see. By learning the lives of these individuals with the intention to share their story change is guaranteed.

Who is the 1000?

The 1000 is you. By knowing yourself and sharing who you truly are, your experiences, principles and life lessons, you will inspire others to follow suit.

Why 1000?

The continent of Africa has 1.111 billion people living in it and 1000 is just a fraction of the billions living in Africa. By appreciating a 1000 at a time, a thousand entrepreneurs, a thousand thought leaders, a thousand CEOs, we will inspire all of Africa’s people.

The purpose of the Project is to Connect, Equip and Inspire.  For this to happen there will be meetings that will be taking place from the month of November, Mark your calendars:

Please note: These meetings can be attended by anyone who is interested in what the project seeks to accomplish, so invite your circle of influence.

How to join?

There is a Whatsapp group that has been set up, just send your name and number to +27 84 647 4738

There is a website

There is a Facebook page