Ready to Learn Campaign

Towards an understanding of the role of firms and their actors in creating bridges to prosperity.

The Ready to learn campaign is an initiative of the 1873 network, a member-based, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization established in terms of the laws of South Africa. The Network was specifically founded to connect, equip and inspire members to know and act better in a forward-leaning manner.Ready to learn campaign 1

The Ready to Learn campaign seeks to raise awareness about the role of shared knowledge, the role of the individual i.e. you and I, the role of Corporates and Non-State actors in shaping up and defining the Africa we all want to live in.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in bending the long arc of the moral universe toward the kind of society that we all want for ourselves and our children. We believe that knowledge is the power and knowledge that is shared is the true promise.

With this campaign we are inviting all who are concerned to learn why some and not all nation-states are able to deliver the promise of a just, inclusive and prosperous society.

As an initiative of the READY TO LEARN campaign, we have a campaign in which we salute the individuals who have paved a way for our generation and each generation that has come before.

We are also building an inventory or bank of names called THE HIGHWAY OF FAME for the ordinary people who have done something meaningful with their lives and inspire hope to others resulting in them standing out as extra – ordinary individuals.

Our motto is “it starts with us!”, Because we believe that the change that we seek for our society has to begin with the individual, We are calling out to you all to play your part in building up the society that we all want for the current generation and for the future generation.