It starts with us & I am the us

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the impact of individual choices and actions on social and economic change. As the Chinese proverb says, ‘The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step,” we believe that the promise of Gauteng as a place to live and work, begins with the individual who chooses to act positively and constructively.ISWUAIATU 1

The network whose name stems from the idea that not a rack in Africa’s trajectory, the continent was not dressed with boarders that now divide s the contemporary experience into 54 nation states. Indeed in the year 1873, Africa had no boarders hence the core idea of a borderless mind that underpins the establishment, promotion and development of the network.

The aim of the campaign is the development of a large searchable repository of key actors who live and work in the Gauteng Province and continue to define and shape its character and personality.

Programs and Activities

Programs, events, workshops, seminars, breakfasts, dinners, lunches and similar activities aimed at informing and educating people about he challenges and promise of South Africa’s legacy with the intention of influencing and bridging professional and business opportunities towards making South Africa a winning nation in general and Gauteng, a home of promise for forward leaning and progressive actors.

The awareness- raising activities are a constructive and positive catalytic force that are already leading to positive change in actions and behaviour. The programs of the network are intended to transform mindsets with the broader objective of driving transformation in the communities we live in.

Campaign Objectives

  • To discover, showcase and recognise the firms and their actors in delivering the promise of an inclusive, prosperous and progressive province
  • To promote local and foreign direct investment into and out of the province into the rest of the continent
  • To promote collaboration and connections between Gauteng based firms and their state and non-state actors involved in investment and related activities
  • To create a platform for sharing ideas, insights, experiences and knowledge
  • To create a one stop source of real time information that can be used in investment decisions