Friends of Generals

The FOG initiative seeks to build a connected, equipped and inspired community of serving and retired defence generals against a backdrop of a fragmented role players.FOG

As part of its mandate, it is intended that links at a personal and informal basis be encouraged between the men and women who are and have occupied leadership positions in the state and non-state defence and security institutions.

The FOG is an initiative of the 1873 Network to connect defence actors with a view to optimizing supply and human capital chains.  The program involves discovering, showcasing and recognizing the actors in the African space with a view to raising awareness about the role of the defence forces in building an inclusive, secure, and prosperous Africa.

The program to connect actors is critical in removing the current market distortions that characterize the African defence market resulting in inefficiencies and weak capacities.

Some of the activities that have been implemented under the umbrella of FOG includes the hosting of Lt General Mgwebi’s farewell party, Retired Lt General Matanzima’s birthday party and the birthday of Ambassador Sifingo.

A courtesy call meeting with General Mohammed from Nigeria, Dr Sam Gulube, General Shoke and Ambassador Sfingo of the SANDF was also part of FOG’s mission to connect actors so that they can begin to develop a seamless and borderless network.