Bridge to Wealth Campaign

This campaign seeks to raise awareness about the different channels and paths one can take to acquire wealth, soft wealth or hard wealth. It falls under one of the pillars of the network which is Inspire. it is a form of mentorship, where we have a successful and prominent person hosting a group of forward leaning individuals at their house or office.BTW

The idea is to inspire people though sharing and opening doors to those who look up to them. Sharing their stories of how they got to where they are and how race or history did not stop them from acquiring the wealth they have today, inspiring people to work hard and work smart.

We had lunch with Dr Tim Tebeila and Ms Jackie Huntley in February as activities for this Campaign.

You will concur that there appears to be a mystery surrounding the enterprise of wealth accumulation.

How can economic freedom be best won? This is the question that we need to unpack in order to locate and use appropriate bridges to wealth.

We believe that the human potential can best be unlocked by sharing experiences, ideas and insights.

There are many inspiring stories of people who have lifted themselves from poverty and unemployment to new heights.