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BOAF – Why 10,000

This platform is for like-minded people to share ideas, experiences and insights on unlimited issues that matter. Life that is not shared has no meaning.

The future of Africa is not known but there are individuals that give us a glimpse of the true promise of Africa, the Africa we all want to see. By learning the lives of these individuals with the intention to share their story change is guaranteed.

The 10,000 is you. By knowing yourself and sharing who you truly are, your experiences, principles and life lessons, you will inspire others to follow suit.

The continent of Africa has 1.216 billion people living in it and 10000 is just a fraction of the billions living in Africa. By appreciating a 10000 at a time, ten thousand entrepreneurs, ten thousand thought leaders, ten thousand CEO’s, we will inspire all of Africa’s people.

We are celebrating the African Promise and have 10,000 reasons we think we should celebrate. Each reason is in the form of a person who you believe has had a profound impact on African society with no colour discrimination, as seen with Former President Barack Obama, the American people have showed how the colour of a person skin does not make them any less American as is with an African, if you believe you are an African focused on Africa’s progress and feel a part of this land then you are one 10,000.

If anyone is interested in what the project seeks to accomplish, invite your circle of influence and register on

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