BOAF – Western Sahara in focus – divided SADC v divided AU?

What is the true story about the Western Sahara against a backdrop of two competing summits being hosted to address the issue of the future of this region?

It is not in dispute that the AU, a body in which Morocco and the seemingly dissenting SADC countries are member states, took a position to limit its direct role in relation to the affairs of the Western Sahara as follows:

Notwithstanding, it is not clear on what legal and moral basis the solidarity summit was convened and held in South Africa on a matter that now falls outside the four corners of the AU let alone SADC.

It is common cause that SA together with the other SADC who chose to participate in the solidarity meeting are signatures to the AU Constitutive Treaty which precludes any dissention in the manner displayed by choosing to work outside the framework that is law in their own countries.

The Western Sahara dispute is not a new dispute but a long standing that requires some maturity to deal with.

The fact that the leadership of the Polisario Front is largely resident in Algeria complicates the matter as the people who live in the contested region are not necessarily in sync with this group on what direction to take and whether de-linking the region from Morocco would necessarily be a viable and sustainable option.

It is not in dispute that the AU has a position on the matter which position ought to bind the member states in terms of choices and actions.

The following is a tweet that exposes some of the misunderstanding that often distort the real issues on what is the reality in relation to this matter:

Below is a link to an article whose contents is an attempt to unpack the true issues inherent in this dispute.


Why Western Sahara remains one of Africa’s most divisive political issues

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