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Pope Francis begins today, a historic and unprecedented two-day official visit to Morocco.

What is the significance of this inaugural visit to Morocco, a largely Muslim nation?

The world is divided by religion and the visit represents an attempt to change the traditional binary narrative that reduces human civilization to always two worlds.

The Pope’s program is as set out on this link: outside / documents / papa-francesco-Moroccan-2019.html.

History will record that this is the the first meeting on Moroccan soil between two religious and moral authorities i.e. the Amir Al Mouminine and the Sovereign Pontiff.

It is an extension of the legacy of the meeting, 34 years ago, between His Majesty the late Hassan II, and His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

It is rising to the expectations of an international landmark meeting against a backdrop of the absence of such engagements in recent memory and also especially having regard to the rise in extremism.

Pope Francis’ visit is dubbed a “pilgrim of peace and fraternity” and it provides a unique opportunity to celebrate Morocco as a land of coexistence, tolerance and moderation.

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