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BOAF – In search of journalism excellence – Mr. Ray Ndlovu under the spotlight

Mr. Ray Ndlovu is under the spotlight in relation to a story that was published by the Sunday Times under the title: “James Makamba’s court challenge falls flat.”

It is important to understand and appreciate the state of mind that would permit an individual to pen this article.

What kind of message is intended in this article?

Is it a message that can qualify as an objective take on the issues at stake? Or alternatively, this message is meant to deliver certain pre-determined outcomes?

What would be the intended outcomes? Ut is reported as fact that Makamba is a litigant and that his challenge is baseless and ill-advised?

What are the facts? No fact exists confirming that the person of James Makamba is a party to any litigation. On the contrary, the matter involves two corporate entities whose rights and obligations are at stake.

Let us read this article in the context of provoking journalism excellence as an end in itself.

BOAF – Mr Ray Ndlovu alleges that Dr. James Makamba’s case falls flat

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