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BOAF – Cyclone SOS – Who to bank on?

The cyclone visited and left devastation in three countries and lives were inevitably lost and property was destroyed. The consequences of this ferocity of nature is there for all to see. Should it be the responsibility of governments alone to respond to this punishment by nature? Who can we bank on to ensure that this kind of penalty is bearable? Zimbabwe is one of the three countries visited by Idai and the political contestations have already been imported into this matter with Advocate Chamisa visiting Chimanimani ahead of President Mnangagwa who is portrayed as insensitive to the plight of the victims by allegedly choosing to go on a foreign state visit notwithstanding the warnings of this natural calamity prior to his departure. President Mnangagwa is due to visit the area of this natural disaster today after cutting short his foreign trip to attend to this matter. This is what the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Publicity, Mr. Nick Mangwana, had to say:
This is what the spokesman of the MDC-Alliance had to say about this matter:
It is significant that a dispute is still raging as to whether Advocate Chamisa will ever recognize the legitimacy of President Mnangagwa or this contest will continue to be a subject of dispute until the next election scheduled for 2023. Notwithstanding this dispute, there can be no dispute that the victims of this disaster need help and as such anyone who can rise above the politics that now characterize the reality in Zimbabwe, can at least play a part in responding to this crisis in whatever way they may deem appropriate. The gentleman who send the message to a member of BOAF this morning is based in Mozambique. If there is anyone who wishes to join this effort, in kind or material support, please do not hesitate contact or to Ms. Natterly Otto +27818083106.
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