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BOAF – Can Africa’s future be secure against a backdrop of pervasive regime change illiteracy?

Africa’s future is contested yet the people who claim to be its legitimate custodians are generally power illiterate. The word regime is often used without any thought being applied to establish its true and intended meaning. This is not unusual because literacy around what a regime is and is not is not generally shared. It is for this reason that a member of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) initiative shared in frustration over the propensity by many people in Africa to assume that any thought and dissent against any governmental action is tantamount to the advancement and prosecution of some regime change agenda, a definition that he has been able to pick from his research on the meaning of the term: “regime.” This is what he found:
It was defined in 1792 as a system of government or rule. Then one is compelled to inquire as to what rule means with a view to establishing whether the idea of ruling people is what is contemplated in many of the constitutions that apply in democratic societies. Can a self-determining individual be capable of being led? If so, what will become of the person who is presumed to be the ruler and the also the one who is then labeled as the ruled? Some food for thought!!!
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