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Banking on Africa’s Future – Towards the 10000 target

What is a bank other than a store of value? Would anyone store anything that has no intrinsic value?

When it comes to the power of connections and networks, it is often the case that human beings are not alive to the importance of building networks of value from which opportunities that life offers can best be unlocked.

It is the case that connected people have a better claim to opportunities yet most of our links are not aggregated, optimized and provide no bridges to acceleration, a critical variable in the business of life.

What we ordinarily call nepotism and corruption are abstract terms that speak to the human spirit to jump queues? However, building bridges and optimizing on generalized and open networks is the most important weapon against corruption and nepotism.

It is for this reason that the idea of creating a Banking on Africa’s Future has been created to allow individuals to choose to add their names to the pilot 10000 bank of hope.

To be part of this bank please go to and register. Or you can go directly to the register link on: and a team of volunteers administering this community platform will list you in the directory listings. If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us on

Below is a screenshot of the individuals who have already added their names. If they can do it, why not you?

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