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US Ambassador to Zim, H.E. Nichols is proving to be a big joke and a pontificator

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, H.E. Ambassador Nichols, is proving to be a big joke and a pontificator par excellence for saying that President Mnangagwa is on the right path at a time when all the human development indicators are heading the wrong direction,” says Mr. Elvis Mugari, the Founder and President of the Combined Restitution Association for Zimbabwean Youths.

“We expect more from a country that has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe since 2001 yet his message at best is confused and confusing. By invoking the words “tremendous progress” in his remarks, it becomes self-evident that he must be smoking something. He believes that since elections Zimbabwe has a entered a new pathway to something different from what we the citizens have endured for the last 38 years. He recognizes promises and not the reality of life in contemporary Zimbabwe and especially in the last few months when the government has perfected the great art of robbing the ordinary folk to support bankrupt policies.

I am disturbed that Ambassador Nichols has fallen for cheap gimmicks to conclude in the affirmative that the President in his inaguration speech, the Minister of Finance in the so-called Transitional Stabilization Program (STP) and the recent budget are delivering positive and right noises from which a defined trend line can be established and mapped.

I do not agree that we are moving forward against a backdrop that there is nothing happening in parliament where the right noises and actions should ideally flow from. There is no champion in parliament that I am aware of that is pushing the agenda of reformation and the alignment of laws to the 2013 Constitution.

I have seen this same Ambassador with Hon Themba Mliswa, who in may opinion is a hypocrite and a person devoid of any public interest agenda but self-promotion tactics to hoodwink the unsuspecting public. Hon. Mliswa’s Committee has so far failed to live up to the promise of change that we desire.

The Hwange Colliery Company Limited (Hwange) oral hearings have exposed a systemic and fundamental disconnect between what Ambassador Nichols believes are positive signs and the reality of a dysfunctional ecosystem that has converted institutions of government into toothless ones.

I could not believe what I heard from the Attorney General, Mr. Prince Machaya, in his submissions to the Committee that a law that permits a Minister of Justice and not a Court of Law to divest shareholders and directors of their relationship with a company by issuing an extrajudicial order that allows him to appoint an Administrator to substitute both.

The good Ambassadors has been eloquent in his silence to such utterances that go a long way towards undermining the rule of law.

It is striking that this good Ambassador is oblivious of the reality on the ground that is unmistakably a constitution of the old Mugabe order.

The Ambassador seems to think that the Mohlante-led Commission will produce a different narrative from the people who are paying the Commissioners to deliver a pre-determined outcome.

By stating that: “the trend line is positive but implementation is yet to be manifest” the Ambassador’s comments would ordinarily be premature when there is neither a trend or line to permit any conclusions to be honestly drawn.

It is not in dispute that the Mohlante-led Commission has already submitted the report to the President and more importantly supports the decision to deploy Defence Forces on 1 August 2018.

I am shocked that this Ambassador who seems to speak in a forked tongue identifies no specific law that stands to be repealed by the Mnangagwa administration hence the self-created confusion regarding the true purpose of sanctions.

I do not believe that the US as represented by this Ambassador is a champions of any legitimate Zimbabwean interests but the confused interests of his government.

While the Zimbabwean AG says that the Zimbabwean laws are good, the US Ambassador sees no evil and hears no evil in all this.

In case Ambassador Nichols has hears, this is my message to him and his government: “We want the Reconstruction Act to be repealed period. This law poses so grave a risk to any country’s constitutional order. It must not in any exist. It is a colonial act. The President, and the whole ecosystem are eloquent in their silence. Such a law can never pass any constitutional muster. The Act is draconial.”

I have had the opportunity to read the judgments that have been handed down by the Zimbabwean courts on this Reconstruction Act, and the inescapable conclusion that I have reached is that the judiciary is part of the problem.

If both the judiciary and the legislature are complicit in undermining the rule of law, then one would expect the US government to give the general public support in removing the real impediments to prosperity.

Here we are scoring our own goals and one would not have expected a US Ambassador to be a cheerleader while his government maintains sanctions on Zimbabwe at a time when the Ambassador believes the tone of the Zimbabwean public office bearers on what matters is perfect.

This is what the President had to say about the existence and operation of this draconian and colonial law:








President Mnangagwa in 2018 or 14 years after the introduction of this toxic law is boasting that the government has won 22 of 23 litigation cases which cases would never have been part of the Zimbabwean legal heritage had this law never been born. How can the good Ambassador have any residual faith and optimism from an Administration who head is determined to use the law for ulterior motives?”

Dr. Daniel Shumba, the former Chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development as well as a champion of calls for Zimbabwe to return to constitutionalism had this to day: “I have tried to reach out to this same Ambassador to meet with him and educate him on the reality that seems to elude his attention and focus but regrettably he refused to see me.

In my letter to him, I sought to help him make his messages to be clear and succinct as to why his government would amend a law that has so far failed to deliver its promise yet provide no specificity and particularity on the laws that stand to be altered or repealed.

I have come to learn that some of these people are great pretenders and experts in speaking in vague generalities.

We need people of integrity to be intermediaries especially when a view exists that the US government has no interest outside the ambit of white commercial farmers who regrettably lost property pursuant to the land reform program.”



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