The Master Class – Corporate Heritage

master-classThe MASTER CLASS

A platform established to improve knowledge about the Business by looking at the experiences of Institution builders and drivers of Africa’s Corporate Heritage. It has  been designed to  document and promote business practice in Africa by reaching out to the youth and entrepreneurs  and:

  1. connecting them to business leaders
  2. equipping them with the right knowledge and resources
  3. inspiring them to be innovative and forward thinking


The Master Class  build businesses that are viable, inclusive and founded on shared principles that give value to the rule of law and respect the rights of citizens and their property through looking at examples of Great Achievers.

The Role of Inspiration


The role inspiration plays in building successful institutions cannot be ignored. It is through inspiration that people birth new ideas and become creative. Inspiration can take human form through Business Leaders that have shown that anything is possible in business. It is the idea of the Master Class create that tangible link between you and the business leaders that, like stars, look so bright but seem to be so far away.

Corporate Heritage

Believe in yourself. Study the greats. And become greater.” ~ Michael Jackson

To study the greats we need to understand their role as institution builders and recognize their efforts. There is a need to understand the ‘HOW, WHY, WHEN and WHAT’ of business by looking at:

  1. The Company’s profile
  2. How it was established
  3. When it was started
  4. The role of the individual in building the Company
  5. How The company has contributed to the well-being of the society


  • Masters ~ Successful Business Leaders that will impart knowledge
  • Learners ~ Individuals that are hungry for knowledge and ready to submit themselves to learning



The workshops are designed to:

  1. Connect the entrepreneurs and the youth with successful Corporate Leaders  ~Giving them the opportunity to interact with leaders and share insights and knowledge.
  2. Inspire a new crop of corporate leaders that will scale the heights of opportunity in the business space ~This bank of knowledge will inspire them to change ideas into action
  3. Identifying and addressing leadership challenges ~ Equip them with the knowledge and skills to address challenges of building successful and sustainable institutions

The Masters will speak on various topics including:

  • The Role of leadership
  • Youth Participation in the Economy
  • Investing in Africa’s Economic Future
  • Finance Intelligence
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • Business Intelligence


Your Network is your Net-worth

Networking events will create an interactive environment that will contribute to the successful out come of the Master Class. These events are designed to:

  1. Allow Entrepreneurs to network effectively and advertise their businesses
  2. Form new relationships that will provide long lasting support
  3. Meet different like-minded people and exchange ideas with the intention to grow in business
  4. Learn from experiences and create profitable partnerships

Community – Based Projects

Knowledge holds the power. Knowledge holds the promise

Community-based Projects are designed to localize the impact of the Master class to enable its impact to be felt in communities so as to create a successful model that benefits the Economy by:

  • Partnering with community-based organisations and financial institutions to tun corporate and financial literacy programs for the youth.
  • Facilitating an online Corporate education program with youth at a computer lab or
  • Teaching financial education in Classrooms
  • Facilitating Learning Centres where programs are run more regularly based on the needs of the community

The 1873 FM

Your Voice. Your Power.

The Radio Platform will be used once a week to connect all members of the Master Class across the globe. This platform is used specifically to:

  1. Create a wholesale platform for knowledge sharing were an unlimited number of listeners from around the globe can engage in learning and conversation
  2. Raise awareness of the role of state and non-state actors in our society
  3. Raise awareness of the need to work together to achieve an inclusive and progressive Africa
  4. Negotiate and broaden the vision of the Africa that we want to see
  5. Master Class Participants can advertise their jobs, skills and any projects they are involved in. Reaching out beyond borders

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