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Mutumwa Mawere on Prof Mutambara’s Path to Power book

Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873 Network, attended on Monday, 3 December 2018, the launch Professor Mutambara’s book, Path to Power book, hosted by the GIBS Business School where he made his remarks about the lack of a shared understanding of the ancestry and anatomy of power as it relates to statecraft matters. “In my opinion, the premise on which this book is written is that Professor Mutambara has traversed a journey from birth to the day he assumed the post of Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) in…

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Mutumwa Mawere Says The AG Must Go

Mr Mutumwa Mawere, Chairman of Africa Resources Limited (ARL), a company that is the ultimate beneficial shareholder of SMM Holdings Private Limited (SMM), a company that was placed under reconstruction by former Minister of Justice Hon Chinamasa, in terms of a decree promulgated by former President Mugabe, said that the Attorney General, Mr Prince Machaya must go. Mr Mawere’s reason for calling for Mr Machaya to vacate office is based on Mr Machaya’s bold contention that the Reconstruction act is legal and constitutional in terms of an affidavit dated 15…

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The 1873 Network – Conversation on who is an African?

The conversation in this video is based on being an Africa. The questions are: Who is an Africa? How does an African look like?Does race determine who an African is? Does Skin colour determine who an African look like? View the video and share your views. For more information contact us: Tel: +2711 234 1981 Cell: +27 83 563 2317 Email: Email: Visit us on the web at: Facebook: The1873network Twitter: The1873Network1 YouTube: THE 1873 NETWORK

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The 1873 Network Bridge to Wealth Campaign – Discussion on Building Bridges SA & Nigeria.

Discussion on Building Bridges between South Africa and Nigeria. The representatives from the two countries discussed on how important it is to build the relationship between South Africa and Nigerian for the economy to grow. They related their discussion to the recent visit to Nigeria by president of the Republic of South Africa honorable Jacob Zuma  with the South African business people to make ties with their Nigerian counterparts. For more information contact us: Tel: +2711 234 1981 Cell: +27 83 563 2317 Email: Email: Visit us on…

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The 1873 Network – Conversation between Mr Mutumwa Mawere & Jaco Booyens.

On 17 March 2016 Mr Mutumwa Mawere (Chairman of Africa Resources Limited & a Member of The 1873 Network) met up with Jaco Booyens  who is the President and CEO of After Eden Pictures. During their conversations they touched on various topics like, Citizenship, Birth, Identity, Being African, Ownership and many other issues. I have found this conversation very interesting and educative that is why I have taken time to edit and publish this video. Watch and Listen to the conversation in the video and have your say regarding the…

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The 1873 Network – Birthday Celebration of Ambassador Sifingo.

In our drive to build 1000 bridges of men and women who have scaled the opportunity heights and on whose shoulders others can stand on. Yesterday, we met to celebrate the 62nd birthday of Ambassador Sifingo. We are not only celebrating his birthday but we also honour him for the achievements he has made and the difference he has done in other people’s lives. Africa’s future is in our hands. It starts with the man and woman in the mirror who can choose to act or do nothing. Knowledge holds…

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