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Pastor Natsi unpacks Self-Introspection on the 1873 FM radio platform

What is self-introspection? In his show today, Pastor Munatsi Sande, a host of a show on the 1873FM radio station, Moments of Greatness, focused on self-introspection as a key foundation any greatness that may manifest in a person’s life.

Together with Mr. Khumbu Malinga of the 1873 FM radio, the conversation centered on how an individual can draw wisdom from within and not from without.

“Sharing the platform with Coach Natsi provoked my my mind to start discovering myself and the gifts inherent in me. I have now understood that when I fail to understand who am I, it would be impossible to position myself in a crowded human space,” said Mr Malinga.

Mr Mawere who was listening to the conversation said: “When someone is speaking about the power of focus, one is compelled to pause and listen. We have a show on this radio platform on identity and identity politics precisely because of the centrality identity plays in the affairs of humans as Coach Natsi has correctly identified. Am I a group or me the person? We all come into this earth stocked with gifts and all who need is the opportunity to express them. It is inspiring to listen to Coach Natsi unpacking how a person can transition from being good to being great.”

Your Voice Your Power

The idea of 1873 Network and the radio platform arose from the need to celebrate the individual as a driver of change.

“I am excited to back on my second show on this radio platform. On my inaugural show, I focused on addressing the question of identity and the need for each of us to identify oneself. This is simple, important and profound. It holds the best promise for anyone who wishes to move from just being good to be great,” said Coach Natsi.

The full conversation with Coach Natsi on Chapter 2 of his book can be viewed on this link: Moments of Greatness – A must to watch

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