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Coach Natsi Launches Transformational Show on The 1873 FM

Coach Natsi of the Greatness Awaits Team is launching a life coaching and tranformational show on The 1873 FM  from the 5th of November. The show which will be aired on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays will be focusing on changing the mindset of the listener to understand the potential that is within them.

“The purpose of the show that I am starting on The 1873 FM is aimed at transforming the life of the listener through showing them that there is huge potential inside of them. When God created each individual, he gave them a destiny that they are supported to live. The challenges is that mindsets are the ones that stop a person from fully exploiting their potential.

“The show is not only about motivation but it is also about transformation and life coaching, so I urge everyone to download the 1873 App on android and istore or tune in via the website.  every monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Coach Natsi is an Author of Greatness Awaits   and consultant at Tamika business solutions, he is also a Pastor at Faith Life Centre in Randburg, South Africa.

Commenting on the upcoming show Mr. Mutumwa Mawere the Chairman of The 1873 Network said, “Every individual is born with a capacity of elasticity. If they strech themsevelves they achieve more things and attain a greater than they are now. And the most they stretch, they tap into the potential that is inside of them. The shows is very much welcome as it will deal with negative mindsets that curtail people to attain growth.”

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