About Change The World Campaign

Why Join the #ChangetheWorldCampaign promoted by the 1873 Network members?

Building bridges is never easy yet without convergence of thought, no bridge building is possible.

When Minds Meet is more than a book in that it is meant to provoke and call people into action.

One action is to build circles of connected people into influence and positive change.

Change begins with the person in the mirror and I am that person .

By buying the book (When Minds Meet), you will soon discover that there is more that unites us than divide us and the mind is the most potent weapon to deliver the promise.

Where do I start, it is simple. Join our community and you will harvest more than what you put in.

It is only R1000 per year and you enter a community of forward leaning diverse and borderless in thought individuals, a companion book When Minds Meet and more.

The future is in your hands.