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What peace&security is Buyanga talking about when our property is not safe? asks Ms. Miriam Mutizwa

Ms. Miriam Mutizwa, an activist based in the UK, has been searching for the correct words to express her disappointment at Mr. Buyanga’s insincerity when he wrote an ill-conceived and misguided letter to the United Nations Secretary-General Mr Antonio Guterres asking him to consider Zimbabwe for a seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as a non-permanent member, saying the peace and stability the country has enjoyed over the years deserves such recognition. Ms. Mutizwa said: “In this unfortunate letter, Mr. Buyanga stated as true and fact that: “There is…

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Former President Zuma rebuked by the SA ConCourt on the mischief in respect of the SADC Tribunal Decision

Former President Zuma was yesterday rebuked by the Constitutional Court (Concourt) for acting unlawfully, irrationally and unconstitutionally together with other leaders of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) when they decided under pressure from the Zimbabwe government to suspend and dissolve the SADC Tribunal’s activities. The Concourt ruled in favour of a group of Zimbabwean farmers assisted by AfriForum, a non-state actor established to protect minority rights. The group of Zimbabwean farmers after exhausting domestic legal and constitutional remedies approached the SADC Tribunal who mandate at the time included the resolution…...

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As Mr. Edmund Kudzayi defends Amb Nichols, Mr. Elvis Mugari fumes

As Mr. Edmund Kudzayi, the former Editor of the Sunday Mail, defends the US Ambassador H.E. Nichols, Mr. Elvis Mugari fumes and maintains that a good diplomat is one who speaks truth to power and not one who tells expects you to look forward to going to hell because of his eloquence. In response to the article published on Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) platform entitled: “US Ambassador to Zim, H.E. Nichols is proving to be a big joke and a pontificator,” Mr. Kudzayi begged to differ with the tone…

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Offices in Rivonia Boulevard to rent, furnished, unfurnished, from 20 square metres to 350 square metres, prices start from R2 400 excluding VAT, R120 per square metre (Negotiable). Receptionist, Boardrooms, 120 seater function room and Secure outside Parking and underground parking. Our Office Park is in walking distance to Oriental City Shopping Centre which has access to walk-in facilities of all banks, restaurants, gym, Gautrain bus stops and easy access to the highway. Please call Raphael Moyo on Cell: 0835632317 or email:  or Andrew Beta on Cell: 071 979…

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Rule of law is good for investment, Economic growth- David Cameron

The 1873 FM is involved in running a series of literacy shows that contribute to enlightening citizens of the Rule of Law. Two weeks back, the Former Prime Minister of Uk David Cameroon was in Southyern Africa for a Discovery Leadership Summit. He stressed the need for the observance of rule of Law as a acquirement for economic growth and investment. “The rule of law is actually the most important of all… In the end, the fact that your government is subject to the courts and that your home is…

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BOAF: Meet the man who made Africa’s first-ever cellular call in 1987

The cellular network in the world has come a long way: we now have 4G networks and we have made tremendous progress in creating affordable devices to improve communications. In Africa, the progress has been lauded as one of the fastest. But did you know that the first-ever cellular call in Africa was made in the Democratic Republic of Congo? The first cellular network in Africa was the brainchild of Miko Rwayitare, a Rwandan-born billionaire.  Born on December 2, 1942, Rwayitare went to primary school in Rwanda and secondary school in then-Zaire…

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