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As Mr. Edmund Kudzayi defends Amb Nichols, Mr. Elvis Mugari fumes

As Mr. Edmund Kudzayi, the former Editor of the Sunday Mail, defends the US Ambassador H.E. Nichols, Mr. Elvis Mugari fumes and maintains that a good diplomat is one who speaks truth to power and not one who tells expects you to look forward to going to hell because of his eloquence.

In response to the article published on Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) platform entitled: “US Ambassador to Zim, H.E. Nichols is proving to be a big joke and a pontificator,” Mr. Kudzayi begged to differ with the tone and aggression in the article.

He stated that: “Ambassador Nichols is a seasoned diplomat and it would be naive on his part to be aggressive with the people he is expected to work with. Indeed, he is a smart diplomat who only chooses to pull out his teeth when he has to. We saw him pull out his teeth in August very aggressively following the events of 1 August 2018. I am sure that any rational person would agree that he needs to exercise caution and tact in diplomacy. Accordingly anyone who expects him to be aggressive would be unreasonable and un-strategic to say the least.”

He further said: “Ambassador Nichols necessarily has to throw them something and he has to keep engaging the government of Zimbabwe hence the content and context of his measured message that is focused on implementation and not intentions.”

He also made the observation that: “Mnangagwa is certainly better than Mugabe in the sense that although he may be perceived to be more vicious, more dangerous and thuggish than Mugabe, he has made commitments whether sincere or not to re-engagement the international community and to reform the country from the true Mugabeism ideology and practices. No rational person can legitimately argue that amount of harassment that was a constant characteristic of the Mugabe era has reduced for the better. In fact, publications like Karigoga that I am involved in would have been banned long ago.”

Mr. Elvis Mugari responded to Mr. Kudzayi’s comments in the following terms: “We have to be clear hear.

I am not apologetic at all for I am convinced that I used the correct and apt words in my article. I hold the firm view that the Amb. Nichols is a joke and a pontificator.

You cannot say the situation that we find ourselves is not desperate. There is no optimism on the ground where I live and to hear a person of the calibre of Mr. Kudzayi routing for such an Ambassador who is and may be clearly oblivious to the fact that, for example, the Mohlante Commission could very well prove to be a hatchet job to sanitize the barbarism that we are daily subjected to by this regime in the name of progress.

It is instructive that the Commission chose not to get any oral evidence from the two people who are alleged to have authorised the Defence Forces to be deployed on 1 August.

Any reasonable person would be concerned if a Commission established to search for the truth is hijacked in its design and operation with Zimbabwe’s partners like the US government through Amb. Nichols being reduced to a Chief Cheerleader or some dignified Vuzuzela.

Mnangagwa represents a continuation of the old order, period. I am not sure what Mr. Kudzayi is smoking or chooses to smoke not to see that the US government is hypocritical in its approach to our matters.

I have followed Mr. Kudzayi on social media and I was fooled to think that he appreciates the danger we live whether developed countries are just stringing us slowly to hell on earth while preaching without any specificity and particularity that we must reform or repeal unidentified laws.

Surely, even if I do not agree with President Mnangagwa on substantive public policy matters, I have to agree with him that it is important that the US government tells us precisely which laws are inconsistent with the 2013 Constitution so that we can all know and act better.

What if the US government is only interested in restoring the rights of white people to land and less concerned about general laws that affect the ordinary public.

I understand that General Electric is about to invest in a hydro power project and President Mnangagwa and President Lungu of Zambia are playing the lead roles. This then would allow us to understand the approach of both the Americans and Chinese vendors who are working together on this project.

It is my view that when commercial matters are involved, then objectivity and integrity suffer. I also note surprisingly that a message that is pinned on Mr. Kudzayi’s twitter wall is as follows:











Notwithstanding the above, we don’t seem to know how far Mr. Kudzayi is willing to go to expose the fact that the law that allows the government to expropriate private assets under guise of reconstruction is still alive and well.

This law was enacted in 2004 and and as such it has been in existence for the past 14 years.

Included in these years, are years in which Mr. Kudzayi was in the system yet saw no evil and heard no evil in respect of laws that permit a Minister to substitute the judiciary in issuing an order that divests shareholders and directors of their rights in relation to a company in which they have rights, title and interest.

If the existence and operation of this fascist law does not bother Amb Nichols and people like Mr. Kudzayi, then I rest my case.

With friends like Amb Nichols and Mr. Kudzayi, who needs enemies really.”

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