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African Leadership Needs Educational & Digital Upgrade.

The1873 Drive spoke to Charles Stith, the Chairman Ambassador of the African Presidential Leadership Centre on Thursday about the upcoming forum on the 29 & 30 October 2018.

The forum seeks to have crucial conversations about state of affairs in Africa and will have former presidents in the panel.

According to the Ambassador people spend alot of time complaining about what they don’t like and how things shouldn’t be, when in essence they should be looking at ways to improvise their current situations.

Mutumwa Mawere The 1873 FM Chairman , Middle – Ambassador Charles Stith On The left – Kamalan Naidoo The 1873 FM CEO

He added; “African Presidential Leadership Centre is a legacy institution that began in Boston, with the African Presidential Round Table inaugurated in April 2003.

Through this we look at important issues facing the continent between the private and public sector.

We work with former African states, who help us bring people together to tackle these issues.”

Stith says former African states have the knowledge and understanding of the continent, which bring valiable conversations and result in a productive outcome.

“Former Presidents have unique perspective from which to talk about. Look at any government, every issue of great importance ends in the presidential desk.

The other important part is that they are no longer bound by their states and are free to talk about the discourses they couldn’t address whilst in office.”


APLC has previously facilitated private capital flows to Africa, where they looked at UK’s Tony Blair commission of Africa and mellinium change initiative among others.

He says that the two day forum will host 3 African former head of states; His Excellency Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, Raila Odinga of Kenya and Kgalema Motlhanthe of South Africa.

The former presidents will be part of a panel discussion and the on the 30 October there will be 150 CEOs from across the regions, who will partake in pep talk about the daily activities and challenges experienced in the private and public sectors.

According to Stith, Africa faces challenges in the education sector, where only 2 South African universities represent the sub-Saharan region in the top 500 universities worldwide.

“What do we do to get more African institutions ranked in the top of this number?
There is a need for progress, to up the game of these institutions, especially in the 21st century where people with great education will prosper easily.

In order to increase educational capacity in the continent, we must produce Engineers, Research Scientists, Accountants and Architects to name a few.”; he said.

Stith hinted his worries on the fact that it is easier for someone with American passport to get around and travel Africa than it is for someone within Africa to travel the continent.

He says in future they will look into discussing this with the aspiration to undo the visa practices to allow free flow in the continent.

Furthermore he encouraged media to give the initiative great exposure it deserves, to help expand educational capacity in the continent.

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