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Africa Will Never See The Light Of Day Until We Utilise Solutions And Resources That Are Within.

The1873 Drive spoke to Lufto Dlamini on Monday afternoon about ways Africa could follow to change its current situation.

As a former Minister of Enterprise Development of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), he says there is alot going wrong in Africa and the question to be asked is what has made everything wrong?

“There are structural problems within Africa and part of them is seen in the issuing of visas as well as the borders we have, which are a call for concern.

The very same Africa goes out to Europe to look for investors but it makes travelling within its own grounds difficult for its occupants.

Left Dlamini

If you travel from any of the Southern African countries to Nigeria for example, you will have to go via France or Britain to get there.
All these are unnecessary.”

Dlamini said it baffles that as members of the SADEC region, one cannot take a direct flight to Angola as they will need to wait for a few months to get a visa, where they are likely to pay more money before the actual trip.

“I once travelled to France where I would take another trip to Geneva in Switzerland and I never felt like I was crossing a border but take a trip from Ezwatini to Mozambique you will see it is a different story.”

Dlamini added that other big problems Africa faces is xenophobia, which is as a result of ignorance and sometimes jealousy.

“I have always said if a person visits a country and does well in that country, better than the average citizen that person is more committed than the actual citizen.

Let’s learn from birds that always use another bird’s feather to build a nest and take it from there.

That is how we should do things and dismantle xenophobia.

You have someone who comes into the country to invest and a local person asking why is the person in the country?

It just doesn’t make sense why Africans should have problem with other Africans!”

Dlamini’s interpretation on Banking On Africa is that it guides him to rely on what is African to develop Africa.

“We cannot at this stage disallow investment in the continent.
So far we have politically done well and our next step should be to take charge of Africa’s development commercially.

We have technology but it is ironic to find lots of African leaders using Facebook to destroy each other while Europeans use social media generally to develop themselves.”; he said.

In addition he believes ‘brightening the corner where you are’ should be the anthem of Africa as this will assist with changing the bad attitude of underperforming countries.

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